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Do not hesitate to increase your well-being conveniently, affordably and professionally with chair massage DC. The Washington DC Massage techniques employed are as relaxing and energetic as offered massage parlors.

What is chair massage?

It involves sitting on a specialized chair at a smelt horse angle while facing. When sitting on this chair, your face is rested on a face cradle that is ridden to snuggly fit your face for total comfort. The massage chair also has a chest and arm support that allows your upper body to completely relax while the massage chair works to relieve your tense muscles. With Chair Massage DC, you will not need to remove your clothing as the massage techniques use both long soft knee strokes combined with light tap strokes on both your torso muscles and joints.

Comfort of chair massage

Chair massage DC is very convenient if you do not have to spend hours being massaged as in the massage parlors. All you need is to save between 10 and 25 minutes for a full session. It is very ideal for a fulfilling and relaxing body massage. Furthermore, you do not have to travel to the massage parlors. A massage therapist can conveniently bring the chair to your residence or place of work for you to get your body and muscles relaxed.

Massage styles employed for chair massage

Generally massage involves the manipulation of layers of muscle and connective tissue to promote relaxation as well as healing and wellness. Some of the techniques used in Chair Massage DC involve applying light pressure to the joints through knee, tapping and percussive pressure. The body parts that are mainly targeted are the: muscles, ligaments, skin, tendons, tissues and joints. In chair massage, the techniques commonly used include gentle compressions followed by knee and pressure. Other techniques that work in Washington DC massage include friction and percussion techniques.

Benefits of Washington DC Massage

The comfort, time saving and healing techniques of chair massage cannot be underestimated. Both individuals and corporate companies can benefit from chairman massaging DC to improve both morale and performance. Some of the well-known documented benefits that this type of massage has brought to companies include:
• Productivity on the employees in terms of increased performance.
• Increased morale and energy levels among individuals.
• There is also improved readiness and memory retention especially after the removal of muscle tension and increased blood flow in the upper body.
• Employees are also known to think creatively and solve problems much better.
• Overall a positive mood and attitude for employees.

Schedules of chair massages

Accessing the massage services of Washington DC Massage is all easy if you have several outlets to choose from. Alternatively, the services can be brought to your own residence or workplace. It is up to you to decide the most convenient method that suits your profession. There are also chair massage services for corporate events such as parties and wellness events. For such group events, there are packages and discounts that will really improve your employee morale. All of this can be achieved whether it is done on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

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