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For many of us the words massage parlors trigger the image of places where illicit sex is sold under the guise of a soothing massage.

There are probably some massage parlors where illicit sex is sold but for the most part a massage parlor is an office and treatment center. These massages parlors are deigned to give massages that can help people with a variety of health needs.When you enter a legitimate massage parlor the receptionist will take your name and ask if you have an appointment. Regardless of whether you have an appointment or not the receptionist will proceed to ask you a few questions. These questions will pertain to the type of massage that you are hoping to have.

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Once the receptionist has the various required information you will be asked to wait in the tastefully decorated waiting room. Here you can read the day’s magazines, newspaper or you can look at the various lotions, creams and aromatherapy oils that are used in the massages. You have the option of selecting the oils and other items that are seen inside of the display stand that can be found in some massage parlors.In b you will be asked to discuss what sort of pains or problems you are experiencing. Also the therapist may ask if you have been given a medical massage referral. These types of questions are a normal part of understanding the type of needs that a clients will have. This discussion will help both the client and the therapist.

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Massage parlors need to conform to the various laws that are in place for the standard of work that is done. In many countries the client can wear their underclothing or have a towel or massage sheet draping the areas of the body that is not going to be massaged. Massage parlors must provide these items to their clients regardless of whether they are requested or not.For the massage to be performed properly there are different types of equipment that can be found in the treatment sections of massage parlors. The standard pieces of equipment will include a massage table or massage chair, a massage stool where the therapist can give a through massage as may become needed.The additional items that you will find in massage parlors are the various essential oils that are used in aromatherapyPsychology Articles, mild smelling lotions and creams. Sometimes you will find CD players where pregnant mothers can ask for soothing music to be played while their massage is being performed.

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