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Today’s new method of increasing employee productivity is corporate massage, also called corporate chair massage or sit massage.

Corporate massage is today’s innovative device of improving employee productivity. It is also called as corporate chair massage or sit massage. This massage is given, without loose and without the application of any unpleasant oil or sticky solution, on a cozy corporate chair instead of the traditional table and it is performed at the workplace. The massage professionals can come to the workplace regularly and give the massage or they can come on a special day, stay at the workplace for a full day, and the employees can go to them, as per their convenience of work schedule.

Benefits of Corporate Chair Massage

In this massage various relaxing therapies are used, in order to make the employees relaxed to the highest level. Nowadays, it has been proven that the cumulative cost of absence goes up to a shocking figure of several billion dollars. In addition to this, work-associated stress results in reduced productivity, on-work accidents, compensation to employees and increased spending on medical or health insurance. Stress is also responsible for 50% of lost work time and accidents at the place of work. One million workers miss work every day just because of stress and a staggering 80% of industrial or construction-related accidents happen because of stress. And massage is especially helpful in getting rid of stress.

More money is earned when you offer corporate massage service to your workers, as it improves their productivity. This is due to their increased motivation and morale and their desire to give the returns for what you do for them and therefore they work with more energy. You also save money because the amount of sick leave and absence has decreased. You also save money you spend on stress-associated illness and recurring stress demands. The massage is tax deductible as it is a health facility on site.

Workplace Massage Benefits

For employees, it is beneficial to a large extent. It reduces stress, anxiety and fatigue. Common muscular pains such as those of shoulders, arms, wrist, back, neck and waist, which are a result of unavoidable use of computers, mouse and keyboard, have been calmed due to massage. It also improves posture. Massage also helps in spiritual improvement, by improving concentration, readiness and focus. This happens due to calmness as presentations to the nervous system. Other common problems such as migraines and headaches are also relieved due to massage. Furthermore, symptoms of EAST and RSI are also reduced as a result. The thing is of utmost importance, the improvised blood flow due to the massage gives rise to improved overall health, which in turn improves productivity.

{This massage is not invasive at all and does not interfere with the proceedings of your business. The massage therapists will set up the massage chairs, for which they will only need a small semi private room. You will find a number of ways in which you can incorporate this massage program into your business. The massage can be a prize for convincing a new customer or making a big sale. It can be offered similar to lunch, tea or lectures, when a product is launched. It can also be a birthday present for the staff. When you include the corporate massage in your business development program, you will definitely get its innumerable benefits.

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